What will it cost?

The average investment for a typical new BRAM’S unit is Euro 55,000 (plus applicable taxes). This amount includes the entry fee of Euro 30,000 training program (incl. hotel and travel expenses), deposits, inventory and Grand Opening program (note: it does not include various extra costs, such as company foundation and registration, legal advice, location fees etc.). Each location requires an invenstement fort the electric connection, storage of goods and terrace equipment.

We expect different countries to offer different sets of opportunities. As an example, in the Netherlands BRAM’S franchising fee is 5%,  rental-fee for the unit (incl. all fixtures and equipment) starts at 9% and the marketing fee is 2,5% (2% for national marketing  and 0.5% for production of POP materials), all payable on a monthly basis. Initial training takes place in the Netherlands or in the region (when established), while on-site assistance is provided before, during, and after store opening.

Sounds good?