Bram’s international franchising

For its international expansion, BRAM’S is offering franchising opportunities to Master franchise partners who will develop their own region (territories, countries or areas) and local franchisees who will develop their own cities within theses regions.

Master Franchise Partners

We are looking for Master Franchise Partners who are willing, and able, to develop an entire region (territory, country or area within a country).  We welcome applications from parties whose professional expertise and personal qualities align with the requirements that Bram’s is looking for in a Master Franchise Partner. BRAM’S will work closely with you to assess the potential of your region, after which we will sign a development agreement that outlines the scope and timeline for expansion in your region.  We specifically look for quality driven master franchisees that are reliable, ambitious, financially strong, and experienced in accelerating business opportunities.

The application process for Master Franchise Partners

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Local Franchise Partners

Do you see yourself as the Local Franchisee of BRAM’S, as the entrepreneur and accelerator of BRAM’S in your own city, in the middle of your own neighborhood, welcoming your guests the same way as you would welcome your friends? Together with BRAM’S Master Franchisees you can make that happen.

The application process for Local Franchise Partners

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