Franchise requirements

BRAM’S started in Rotterdam in 1967 through a concept of unique and innovative market stalls, offering a new concept of cutting, cooking and serving ‘legendary Dutch potato frites’ right in front of customers – always fresh, always served with love. This new concept evolved and worked so well that expansion became a natural process. In this process, we found that each new location and area presents its own opportunities and challenges, and that the key to long term growth and success lies in the partnerships and people who lead BRAM’S into new areas and locations. This is why we devote so much attention to attracting and selecting the right partners – partners whose personal and professional qualities, expertise, networks, and knowledge will ensure that our passion and dedication for frites is always delivered ‘to the max’ – no shortcuts, ever.

To put it differently, our franchising partners bring their entrepreneurial skills, their knowledge of the regional and/or local business, their personal networks, and last but not least, their personality, all of which are essential to ensuring long term success.

This leads us to several values and characteristics that BRAM’S is looking for in its Franchising Partners:

Values and characteristics

  • passion for frites
  • strong identification with BRAM'S core-values, heritage, product, concept, systems, and procedures
  • people focus; satisfied customers and engaged, motivated employees are key to our long term success
  • visionary and entrepreneurial thinking
  • experience and self-confidence
  • positive leadership and motivational skills
  • customer-oriented attitude
  • willingness and ability to acquire new knowledge continuously
  • willingness and ability to work both as an entrepreneur and at the same time as part of a larger system
  • a well-established network of regional and local partners, authorities and opinion leaders
  • keen understanding of regional and local mentality and culture
  • willingness and ability to develop and accelerate BRAM'S as a brand and business in your market
  • a sound background in business development
  • strong operators with operational experience and hands-on attitude