Frequently asked questions

What do we look for in a Franchise Partner?

We look for people who “fit” our system – „Brambassadors“ who can and want to become long-term partners. That means entrepreneurial individuals who love working with a team, have business experience (not necessarily in restaurants), the necessary financial qualifications, possess personal motivation, and have been successful. We are looking for franchisees who want to become ‘#1 hosts within their neighborhood’, capable to position BRAM’S Gourmet Frites as a staple within their communities. Our franchisees are enthusiastic and have a genuine passion for BRAM’S, for the concept, for the product and for all people involved. Experience is not the most important thing as we will train you, but some business knowledge would be beneficial.

What is a typical location for Bram’s?

Typically BRAM’S units are located in the middle of their own neighborhoods, centered or adjacent to residential areas, (high)schools/universities, business parks, retail areas, and main roads. Next to that, we are also interested in high-traffic/downtown locations – as long as turnover/costs are in balance, and mall locations, either with a (revised version) of our standardized unit or, if no alternative, with a custom made version (e.g. for food courts).

How much does a typical Bram’s franchise cost?

The estimated cost is Euro 55,000 plus applicable taxes.

What does this cost include?

This amount includes the initial franchise fee, start-up inventory, training, budget for Grand Opening Program and deposits. It does not include the unit and fixtures – there is no investment for this as the fully operational units are rented.

Do you offer financial assistance?

BRAM’S does not have the facilities to offer financial assistance. If needed, we suggest you approach your own financial institution.

What about turnover?

We insist on first class locations, equipment, and fixtures. In the Netherlands, a typical Bram Ladage store (build-in, stone) has an average turnover of Euro 600,000 per year. The turnover of a BRAM’S unit will depend on market, location, marketing and operational execution.

What do I have to pay to Bram’s after I open?

The is a rental fee for the unit is that starts at 9% , franchising fees are 5% and a marketing fee of 2.5% – all payable on a monthly basis.

Does BRAM’S make a profit on the products?

No. BRAM’S recuperates all of its costs and generates its income on the initial franchising fee and the monthly royalties. We do not make any money on sourcing products – we simply don’t feel that is a good way of doing business as it clouds the partnership and relationship between franchisor and franchisees.

What do I get for my franchising fee?

Brand Power: a respected trademark with 50 years of heritage and experience

Buying Power: our system and buying volume allows our franchisees to source proprietary products at a cost and quality that’s beyond the reach of an individual operator.

Research and Development: we invest in ongoing research and development of new products, systems and equipment, always keeping Bram’s at the top of its class.

Marketing: you will benefit from world-class advertising, PR and promotional campaigns. We are constantly building the value of the Bram’s brand, and its value to the customers and yourself.

Support: we demand and offer quality and integrity at every level of our business and associates – the staff of Bram’s and of its Master franchisees consists of highly motivated and dedicated professionals who can and will help you with operations, training, systems, procedures and marketing.

What drives BRAM’S business?

Quality and value – we refuse to compromise. BRAM’S sets the highest standards and only sources the best potatoes, oil, products, and condiments we can find. No compromises.

Why do BRAM’S customers keep coming back?

Friendship, quality, value, and ‘easy of use’ – we want to be the best friend on the block, where it’s easy to socialize while enjoying a delicious snack or meal, at a great value-price. We source only the best potatoes available, make it very easy to order, and serve them fresh and hot, topped with proprietary condiments, at a great price, and with a delicious taste. And to ‘top it off’ – BRAM’S enjoys a phenomenal repeat business from its guests, all ‘Brambassadors’ with a true passion for BRAM’S frites.

How long does it take to open a location?

Due to the unique turnkey concept, a location can be up and operational in one day if permits and water are provided.

What kind of training can I expect?

A new Franchise Partner participates in a one-week training program which includes a real life ‘boot camp’ in one of our stores. You will also receive support before, during, and after the opening of your first unit. Next to that, franchisees receive regular training, updates, and regular on site reviews.

What about growth and margins?

The Local Franchise Partner is responsible for finding and securing the best possible locations in his own city and neighborhoods. As we expect each Franchise Partner to develop and dominate his market/city, we are looking for cities with a minimum potential of 3 units per city.