The application process – What happens when?

From the initial contact, to signing the franchise contract, and opening the first location, we follow a clear and efficient process. – the following is an example of what steps take place. Please remember that this is approximate and subject to change due to many factors. So while we can’t guarantee everything will proceed as described, you can at least have a good idea of how the whole process will flow.

Local Franchise Partner process:

  1. First contact via website
  2. Applicant provides detailed information
  3. Master franchisee emails info-presentation to applicant
  4. Telephone interview with Master franchisee
  5. Applicant visits BRAM'S in the Netherlands - 2 to 3 days
  6. Letter of intent between Master franchisee and applicant is signed
  7. BRAM'S representative visits intended country/region
  8. Applicant makes a business plan for his country/region
  9. Contract talks
  10. Signing the contract
  11. Applicant goes through BRAM'S ‘Training Boot Camp’ (7 days)
  12. Master franchisee sources and contracts his first own location
  13. Mobile unit and inventory are being brought in
  14. Start of ‘Countdown to Grand Opening’ Marketing Program
  15. Opening of first location
  16. Master franchisee starts selection process for local franchising applicants (see underneath)
  17. Master Franchisee signs LOI’s and contracts with local franchisees (pre-approved through BRAM'S Netherlands)
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