The Story of Bram’s

Bram Ladage Frites has been a Dutch favorite since 1967, when founder Bram Ladage opened his first ‘Dutch Frites’-food stall on a street market in Rotterdam, Holland.

Fresh frites were cut and cooked directly in front of his customers, for the ultimate freshness experience. Slowly and steadily Bram developed the most popular Frites chain, with highly recognized food retail stores in Holland, fully specialized in premium quality, freshly cut & cooked Dutch frites.

Through his relentless passion and product focus, his authentic ‘freshly cut & cooked Frites’-concept, and by only working with the most dedicated and highly trained employees, Bram carved out a successful and unique market niche in the Netherlands.

Since the opening of the first ‘Bram Ladage’ food stall, Bram and his team have continuously perfected its system and concept, and now own a significant part of the Fresh Frites market in the Netherlands. Increasing the number of locations to over 30 in 2016. Now we are ready for the next steps – serving our signature Fresh Frites everywhere around the world.

Although potato frites account for approximately 20% of the global fast food market, frites are rarely presented as stand-alone products in the international marketplace (basically only in Holland and Belgium).

Our goal is to serve our signature frites everywhere around the world.

How? By offering a unique new 3.0 foodretail-concept called ‘BRAM’S’; a multi flexible, state of the art container-unit, which includes the brand-values, heritage, sparkle, sizzle, and deliciousness that Bram Ladage has been offering for almost 50 years – now packaged in an entirely new way and form. Very efficient, very mobile and very scalable – that’s how we’ll spread our passion.

To do so successfully, BRAM’S is looking for the best possible partners to join us and to accelerate our worldwide expansion.

We provide:

  • A proven and successful concept:
    • Legendary, delicious Dutch potato frites (the best in the world),
    • Hand-cut & freshly cooked with 50 years of knowhow,
    • Served with love by the most dedicated employees,
    • With a choice of several high quality sauces and Stoofs (meal-toppings created by renowned TV chef Herman den Blijker)
  • Leadership company with an internationally recognized brand and concept
  • A unique corporate identity based on strong family values
  • Long term growth perspective
  • Outstanding product quality and value
  • A unique new concept, fully aligned with the zeitgeist of today
  • Professional support in recruitment and training, operations and marketing, and all areas necessary for successful entrepreneurship
  • Detailed systems, procedures, manuals, and handbooks
  • Online Intranet platform
  • Continuous system improvements
  • A trustworthy and helpful franchisor committed to transparency and long term partnership